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How To Find Your First Industrial Premises

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It’s really exciting moving into your first new industrial premises as a company. It tends to come at a time when the company is expanding, turning a profit, and everything is starting to go really well. It doesn’t mean that you’ve made it – usually far from it – but it does mean that you’re getting somewhere and hopefully you will continue to go from strength to strength.

A common mistake of first industrial premises is finding something which is just too big or too flashy. Think about why you need an office in the first place. If it’s because you’re beginning to take on staff then the chances are you just need somewhere where you can set up some desks, have a phone line and the internet, and potentially meet with a client or two. It doesn’t need to be anything too showy or too grand.

Hot desking is a great option for new businesses. This is a system which means you will rent on a per desk basis rather than by floor space. By doing this you won’t be paying for room which you won’t need for a year, and you can simply grow without having to move – it works perfectly for the first year of many businesses, but as you grow and grow it might cease to be economical.

Renting industrial premises by square foot is one of the most common ways of setting yourself up in office space, although you can also buy if you’re going to be somewhere more long term.

Before you start looking, give yourself a really good chance to consider just how much space you’re going to need. How many desks do you need to set up? Will you need a boardroom or a private office? Are you happy to share a floor with other companies or do you need your own space? These factors will often depend on the nature of your business and how sensitive the information you’re handling is – you don’t want to be talking about private information in front of other businesses when there might potentially be a conflict of interest.

Once you’ve decided on a style of office, start visiting a few without any particular rush to get in somewhere. This will give you a chance to see if you’re looking for the right sort of things or if you need to make some adjusts to your own concept of industrial premises.


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