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About Us

con•sult•ant [kuhn-suhl-tnt] Noun

  1. A person who gives professional or expert advice: a consultant on business methods.
  2. A person who consults someone or something.

The Real Estate Consultants is based on the principals of individualized customer service. Specializing in the Inland Empire, Los Angeles, and Orange County we can help you purchase, sell, or transform your existing house into a home using our extensive background in construction. There are also opportunities to invest using our successful model of property flips as a guide.

The Real Estate Consultants has ventured away from the prototypical model of the “Big-Box” real estate companies. We prefer local expertise over corporate franchising. We focus our attention on intimately knowing our community and customers. Rather than spending our energy making sure the world knows who we are, we feel it is more important to be actively involved in our community, and know who YOU are.

The Real Estate Consultants provides a teamwork oriented office environment. In other words, our agents work together by sharing knowledge and resources, ensuring that our clients receive the best quality service available. We honor the opportunity to be of service and feel that our honesty, loyalty, understanding, accountability, and creativity are what separate The Real Estate Consultants from the rest of the Industry.